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Rocco Julian

Student/Educator and Eagle Scout

BS/MS Mathematics Student, Aspiring Data Scientist, Researcher, Educator. Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scout Badge



New Jersey




Montclair State University

Student, Researcher, and Educator / 2021 to Present

As a passionate mathematics student with a minor in data science, I'm on a journey to explore the fascinating interplay between numbers, patterns, and data. My academic pursuits have led me into the world of graph theory, where I've been fortunate to engage in captivating undergraduate research.

Proficient in Python programming, I find joy in translating abstract mathematical concepts into practical applications. I've also had the privilege of sharing my knowledge as a tutor, helping students navigate the complexities of Calculus and beyond. Additionally, I lead Calculus I recitation labs, fostering a deeper understanding of this fundamental subject.

My love for mathematics goes hand in hand with my curiosity about the world and its data. I'm constantly seeking opportunities to expand my horizons, finding innovative ways to analyze, visualize, and make sense of data-driven insights. If you share a passion for mathematics, data, or simply exploring the beauty of our world, let's connect and embark on this journey together.

Scouting USA

Eagle Scout / 2020

I successfully earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting. The last workday was September 12, 2020, with my project managed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rocco Julian Eagle Scout Project Completed

My history in Scouting included:

Earning 21 Merit Badges. Volunteering regularly for projects such as Troop Flower Sale, Wreaths Across America, and Toy Drives, and helping with fellow Scouts' Eagle Projects. Participating in summer camps, camping trips, community flag-raising ceremonies, whitewater rafting, and hikes. Being the Scout Troop representative at various Cub Scout events and assisting with Cub Scout crossover ceremonies to Boy Scouts. Held the offices of Webmaster, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader.